Vokolida occupied village, located in the beautiful peninsula of Karpasia, can be proud having a worthy representative in Larnaca, that keeps the name and memory of the village live and alive. And this is no other than kebab 'Vokolida’ located in the busy avenue of Faneromenis in the heart of Larnaca city.




The story of the business begins about 30 years ago when a taxi driver suggested to the family to establish a simple, plain shop in which taxi drivers and other people passing by can drink their coffee and eat, while waiting for their clients or friends from the Larnaca airport. Thus, starting from a small barbeque and a few tables, we ended up today to Souvlakia Vokolida restaurant.



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Once arriving there, you will be welcomed by Filippos and Anastasia, who are always there since 1983. They will always treat you warm and kind, with love, and make you feel comfortable while enjoying your food and drinks.

After 30 years of operation, as of 2013, you can also meet with the son of the family, Kyriakos, who has learned the secrets of the family business and has added to the history and tradition, the modern lifestyle.

This unique blend of generations can only be experienced when you visit Souvlakia Vokolida.

In this souvlaki family business, you can enjoy all kinds of grilled delights or the unique meze dishes of the restaurant. Just make sure you don’t miss the homemade shieftalies of Mrs. Anastasia, which are well known all over the island!


Important is the fact that all grilled items are cooked fresh in front of you immediately after ordering. So being patient is necessary for you to enjoy the quality coming up.

And for all arguments sake, a trial will convince you.


Kopiaste! – Welcome!

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